Sufi Prayer and Love

book-sufiprayerSufi Prayer and Love is a treasure trove of spiritual gold that will inspire truth seekers of all backgrounds to ignite the flame of love within.

The mystical branch of Islam known as Sufism speaks to truth seekers and their journey to reconnect with the divinity that lives inside everyone. To know God and live in harmony with His will is to transcend the human state and shine a bright light in the darkness.

Learning to communicate with God is one of the most important foundational tools we can possess – a tool author Dr. Ahmad Javid Sarwari Qaderi teaches readers in his new book, Sufi Prayer and Love.

Prayer, divine love, and spiritual virtues are the three building blocks necessary to have an open, effective, and fulfilling relationship with God. Whether you are at the beginning of your quest or are in a more advanced place, the lessons taught here are meant to inspire and light the fire of divine love in the body, mind and spirit of every journeyman.

Love is truly god’s most precious and extraordinary secret, and it is available to all who seek, practice, and live it. Readers who are looking to come out of the darkness will find the light of love and guidance here.

Ahmad Javid is a consummate physician, mystic, and scholar – perhaps the most inspiring writer of our time. Sufi Prayer and Love is the most thoughtful, elaborate and inspiring book on prayer, love, and spiritual virtues.

“This is a fascinating, lucid, and illuminating book that merits repeated study and reflection – a profound journey into the heart of Sufism that educates and inspires. It is truly a spiritual classic and beautifully manifests ‘The Hidden treasure.’

This book is a tool for examining our own prayer lives. Author Dr. Javid stresses that in prayer we should cultivate an attribute of faith, openness, attention and reverence, because God can be found only in the desert of surrender.

The author provides a wealth of details on prayer and love and the foundation of faith, all based exclusively on his own personal experiences. The narrative is mesmerizing and the divine light radiates through the book.”

Akram, book reviewer.