SUFI LIGHT: The Secret of Meditation


Individual Sufi masters and organized Sufi orders have both described different paths leading to union with God. When one Sufi teacher was asked about the way to God, he replied, “There are as many ways to God as the number of created beings.” However, although there may be countless paths, commemorating the Names of God (Allah) is the surest way to achieve the knowledge of reality—that being the knowledge of oneness. The more you remember God through His Names, the closer you come to the Divine light. God Himself has said, “Remember Me, and I will in return remember you” (Quran 2:152).

The main object of this book is to discuss and explain the simplest ways to achieve the real purpose of life—union with God.

The Quranic verse, “We have come from God and will return back to Him” (Quran 2:156), clearly states that we were with God in the beginning and that there was no separation between ourselves and God’s Being. In other words, we were part of the Divine. We came into this world and became separated from our real source. We are here in this material world for a short period and will eventually return to our eternal abode and be united with our source once again. Like raindrops, our lives will ultimately fall back into the ocean of Divine oneness. Every single thing returns to its source. However, here in the world of matter, our separation from our source in the spirit world is the root cause of all pain and suffering. The further we move away from our Creator, the more we suffer and endure pain.

This book highlights the importance of adoration: of recollection, concentration, and meditation on the beautiful Names of God, and especially on what Sufis see as His supreme personal Name, Allah. Such adoration serves as a means to achieve oneness and to come closer to the light of God.

Humans, of course are one of God’s creations. God created human beings solely as mirrors to reflect the splendors of His Divine beauty. Out of all God’s creation, it is only the human heart that can know, understand, and love Him. Sufism is the name for such love interaction between human and Divine.