Sufi Prayer and Love

Sufi Prayer and Love is a treasure trove of spiritual gold that will inspire truth seekers of all backgrounds to ignite the flame of love within.

The mystical branch of Islam known as Sufism speaks to truth seekers and their journey to reconnect with the divinity that lives inside everyone. To know God and live in harmony with His will is to transcend the human state and shine a bright light in the darkness.
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Sufi Light: The Secret of Meditation

Individual Sufi masters and organized Sufi orders have both described different paths leading to union with God. When one Sufi teacher was asked about the way to God, he replied, “There are as many ways to God as the number of created beings.” However, although there may be countless paths, commemorating the Names of God (Allah) is the surest way to achieve the knowledge of reality—that being the knowledge of oneness.
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The Spirit of a Sultan

Embark on an Enlightened Journey of Spiritual Joy, Love and Peace

Have you ever wished to embark on a deeply-moving spiritual journey through which you could explore ancient teachings and reignite your connection to God, love, joy and peace?
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